NEW! WirelessAIR Gen2

Introducing our all-new WirelessAIR second generation!

This top of the range wireless compressor kit is a perfect accessory for any Polyair Airbag kit.

WirelessAIR is an advanced wireless controller that lets you control your air spring system, no strings attached.
It is compatible with any Polyair Airbag kit - Bellows, Red Series, Ultimate's & Dominators.

  • Dual-path control means that drivers can set the left and right air springs to different pressures - perfect for users with uneven loads
  • Wireless handheld unit for convenient operation anywhere near the vehicle
  • Easiest installation ever - no lines to the cab! Battery direct wiring loom
  • Heavy-duty air compressor
  • Optional Android App or iOS App for your phone

More new upgrades include:

  • Battery Direct wiring loom. Much easier to install with a few simple tools.
  • All-new manifolds, made to be ultra durable in all conditions.
  • Compact air filter for the heavy duty compressor.

Fully controllable via smartphone app!

Check out our video below, where we talk about both of our wireless compressor kits!

To make install all that much easier and neater, we now also have the optional 'EZ Mount' kit.
The EZ Mount features the HD Compressor and Manifold, pre-assembled on an easy-to-mount bracket.