New! Polyair Ultimate Air Bags to suit 300 Series!

The highly anticipated Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series is an instant success in spite the slow delivery times. A much needed improvement over the aging 200 Series, the new 300 Series delivers familiar qualities mixed with new and improved technology to bring the Landcruiser name into the modern age.
With all these improvements however, like all coil sprung 4x4's, they are built for comfort.
This comes at the cost of needing aftermarket support when towing or loaded up, to prevent the rear end from squatting down.
This can cause some series safety issues with handling, including excess sway and body roll, lightened grip over the front tyres, poor headlight aim and unstable braking.
Thankfully there is an easily solution that is as reliable as the Toyota name... Polyair Ultimate Air Bags!

Kits are available in Standard height, 1" raised & 2" raised versions.

The Ultimate airbag's boast a huge 60psi load leveling capacity.
Heavy duty polyurethane compound making them resistant to puncture when offroad.

Get in contact today to level your 300 series.
Available from hundreds of Polyair Dealers Australia wide.

#15893ULT shown*