Polyair Cradle Kit, Support Off Road

Polyair Cradle Kit

Touring around Australia, it's inevitable that you'll drive on unsealed roads or you may like to take your 4x4 to some challenging off road tracks - in which case you'll want to get the most articulation out of your suspension.
We have the perfect solution for those that still need load leveling AND retain maximum grip off road. The Polyair Cradle kit!
The Cradle kit can be used with any new or pre-installed Polyair Bellow kit.
The Cradle works in a very simple and effective way; By allowing one end of the bellow to come away from the chassis, axle or leaf pack (depending on the vehicle) it allows for full down travel of the suspension, then when back on level ground, the bellow simply sits back into the cradle to level the load.

So, if hitting the roads less traveled is in your itinerary, don't forget to ask about adding a Polyair Cradle kit to your Polyair Bellows!