Bellows Ultimate

Bellows Ultimate

Take control of your load with Polyair Bellows Ultimate series, a new level of support.

The Bellows Ultimate’ is designed for your big American SUV’s and 4WD’s. With an internal bump stop to help absorb shock, even with zero air pressure, it provides a 3 stage ride comfort. This kits for the cars capable of moving those seriously heavy loads. Comfort while increasing safety and capability, what more could you ask for?

If you're planning on adding some serious load on your standard suspension then this 'Bellows Ultimate' kit is a must for you. Engineered to withstand up to 2200kgs of load support it allows you to move what you need, when you need.

This kit is specifically tailored for those commercial loads, motor homes, for work and play.

All kits contain:
• Two air springs
• Two installation valves
• Airline
• All Fittings
• All necessary mounting hardware
• Detailed installation instructions
• All kits are designed to suit your Specific Vehicle